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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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arctic meteorologist doug hill has a look at the temperatures and -- our chief meteorologist does kill us all look the temperatures and how things will go tonight. >> everybody north and west of washington is as low as 32. 30 -- 40's elsewhere. at the moment, 41 in winchester. a little milder to the south in the low to mid-50's. all these temperatures are lower than average. 55 is the best we could do it reagan national. 51 at dulles. we have an upper layer disturbance coming through. we will keep an eye on that. we will look ahead to warmer days in our forecast coming up in just a bit. >> thank you some much, doug. remember, you can track the
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temperatures in your town online at and the stormwatch 7 app on your smartphone. and in the race for president mitt romney is crisscrossing the old dominion. >> that's right. this is his second stop in a virginia at newport news. this comes out -- as polls show the race between romney and president obama are in a dead heat. >> a poll taken after last week's debate shows running getting a bounce in the polls. that same gallup poll shows that voters thought overwhelmingly romney won that debate, the biggest debate when ever recorded by gallup. republican presidential candidate mitt romney tipperary break -- took a rare break
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talking about the economy and slammed the policy in the middle east. >> it is clear the conflict is higher now than when the president took office. >> trying to seize on the president's handling of last month's attack in libya. >> i know the president hopes for a safer freer, and more prosperous middle east, allied with us. i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. >> the candidate went to an impromptu third stop after 100 middle school kids waved at his motorcade. romney's numbers are up and they appeared to be tied. the president continued his california fund-raising swing which is expected to bring in $10 million over two days. the president attended a dedication to the cesar chavez
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national monument. >> our world is a better place because cesar chavez decided to change a. >> a poll out today shows romney with a four-point lead among likely voters. the gallup poll has the president of by four. both men are expected to be in ohio tomorrow and the focus is expected to shift back to the economy. >> thanks. in the meantime, it is a big week for the candidates for vice president. on wednesday night, joe biden and paul ryan go head-to-head in their one and only debate. both are lowering expectations for themselves and inflating them for their opponent. biden says the ryan has been straight forward during the campaign and ryan is praising biden. analysts will watch this debate closely because of the president's performance, which disappointed some people, last week. and remember you can see the vice-presidential debate on abc7 thursday night beginning at
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9:00. >> and we're following developing news tonight where there may be a major break in the case of a missing teenager. this afternoon searchers found a body in a wooded area near where bryan glenn's car was found last week. he went missing after dropping his brother off at school. his car was found next day. >> as a parent, my heart was breaking for his family. so, i said, you know what? nothing is more important today than to come up and look for this boy. >> police have not yet identified the body or the cause of death. >> new information on a desperate -- on a deadly-officer involved shooting in woodland. someone called 911 and said he wanted to die. officers eventually confrontedacy woodfork, who had a gun.
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the officers austin to put down his weapon. when he refused officer shot him. later, they learn to was holding of the weapon. >> we have more information on a deadly pit bull attack. they attack the 10-year-old boy who was holding his labrador puppy. animal control officers seized the dogs and handed six citations to their caretakers. they are dog's owner. >> a new poll from our partners at wtop radio shows an even split on the casino issue. 48% favor ballot question 7, which includes the addition of a casino in prince george's county. 46% are against the. expansion would include longer
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hours for casinos and the inclusion of table games. >> still to come -- metro is expected to put up controversial billboards in its stations. we will show you what they are and which the stations have them. >> and we will tell you why some agents have been doing part of their job wrong for a while. >> i am suzanne kennedy in sinaloa's. we will take you to bush
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>> we continue with nats fever around the country. >> kaine two of the national league division series is under way. we found plenty of nats fans making the track. suzanne is live in st. louis with more of the excitement. suzanne? >> a lot of nats fans. of course, a lot of cardinal s&p 500. some made the trip out here yesterday. -- of course, a lot of cardinal fans out here. son made the trip out here yesterday. kaine two here at busch stadium. yesterday's nail biter as people
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feeling good about the first pitch. >> i it think they will do great. >> cardinals fans started streaming into the downtown stadium. among them, nats fans like this one who came here from wisconsin. >> hopefully we will go 22-0. >> it is rookie player tyler moore's father. >> he has always said he wants to contribute, and that is what he did last night. >> so [indiscernible] >> it is the top of the fourth, and right now it is the cardinals 5-1 and we are hoping
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that the nats win again tonight. the next game is on wednesday. >> all right. fingers crossed. coming up next at 6:00 -- celebrating one of the world's most famous explorers. we will take you to an event to honor christopher columbus. >> milder weather is headed our way. the forecast after the break. >> and powell is rgiii -- and how is rgiii doing? we will tell you. that i'm barack obama and i approve this message. narrator: this was dishonest: mitt romney: "i'm not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut." romney's bng dishonest here too: romney tv ad: "according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raistaxes on the middle class..." narrator: the chairman of that so-called independent group is from romney's former company.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 6:00. on your side. >> despite complaints islamic-american groups, controversial ads that demean muslims have gone up in mattress stations. >> they have gone up in four mess -- metro stations. >> they've gone up in four met for stations to the. a federal court ruled against the agency refusing to post the
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ads because of of first amendment issue. >> the csa -- the tsa says they observed that screeners rarely get proper putdowns of passengers. the procedure only happens of the time. they say they will use this report to improve security. >> a sign of the times. people are not buying greeting cards like they used to, and that means hard times for hallmark. the company is laying off 300 people and closing its plant in kansas. hallmark says that people are choosing to send e-mail and electronic cards. sales have dropped off over the last year by almost $1 billion. >> a parade to celebrate the columbus day holiday. ♪
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they came to honor explorer christopher columbus and mark the anniversary of the columbus memorial. it was first unveiled by president william taft in 1912. >> nice day. a little chilly for them. >> a little bit. i don't know. listen -- >> it changed so quickly kind -- so quickly, you know? >> it will change just as quickly through the weekend. time lapse from early this morning. this is here in arlington. you know, just as daddy projection of cloud. -- a steady production of cloud. -- in frostburg. higher elevations, western
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maryland, a little light snow flake activity. 16 degrees below average today. no rain yet, but i think some is headed this way. no, i know some is headed this way keeping the heavier rain there is over at the mountain's. the whole kit and caboodle is moving off to the east. is just a matter of time before the rain gets to the area. it is going to rain at times but mostly only light rain. it will be chilly and there is this one tail end of the system that will come through tonight. be really heavy-duty rain will miss our at -- the really heavy rain will miss our area entirely tonight's. raleigh-durham -- 48. to the west, temperatures are really warming up. a frost morning is in effect for larger areas over -- overnight. then frost advisory's.
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than the warm-up will begin. a little we will be partly sunny today. then itwe will be closer to 70 degrees. then we will have dravite seasonal air. then we will warmup for the weekend. 45 in the morning. 55 midday. as we had through the day we will turn partly cloudy at 58. near 70 on wednesday. a little cooler with partly cloudy skies. locate your weekend. we will head back into the 70's with sunshine. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> we have got a lot going on in the sports world around here. >> and it is not good for the
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nationals so far. you just want them to win then -- you just want them to win when they are on the road. today, the nats hope to win. zimmerman fakes the bunt. that sends ian desmond. it could have stopped at third. nothing is stopping that guy. down the line. fair ball. home run. in the fourth, st. louis police 6-1. -- leads 6-1. the orioles played tonight. they are 7-2 in their game one.
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baltimore will get another shot in game two. robert griffin at the third -- robert griffin iii made history. as we've seen time and again with michael vick, rushing can lead to danger. he got leveled. he has on mild concussion according to experts. >> the next few days, we will see exactly what happens. right now, it looks good. not really sure if it stays that way. but the professionals will monitor this situation and let us know if he is able to play or not. >> and somebody has got to be ready if he does go down. he made quite a splash with that
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touchdown. two interceptions afterward. it is unclear who will get the call on sunday if griffon cannot go, but cousins knows his performance need to get better. >> i performed two critical errors. besides those two plays, beyond that, it was good football. but those two critical errors are what quarterbacks get judge john. you have got to avoid those. i will learn from those and be a much better quarterback. >> this meant however, it is a veteran. this is his second consecutive week of missed it kicks. he made 7 of 12 and attends this season. tomorrow of the team will work out three kickers. no indication on whether he will
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be let go. >> i hope something happens with the nationalist. >> good. >>
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bye, mom. we're here! [ giggling ] these days, nobody has time to get sick. mom, i don't feel good. easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prprescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs pharmacy now offering flu shots every day, no appointment necessary. find a clinic near y at >> and looks like mother nature is trying to get us used to this in coming cold weather? >> we do have temperatures
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advancing from west to east across the area. there could be steady, light rain through the evening hours. temperatures will drop into the 40's overnight. then we will clear up very nicely. we will have some clouds and fog in the morning. we will be near 70 on wednesday and we will continue to warm up right through the weekend. bob will have more on these weather patterns tonight at 11:00. >> very nice. >> world news is next. >> we hope you join us back here at 11:00. have a great evening.
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